Massey scientists appointed adjunct professors of University of Mataram

Professor Julian Heyes from the Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology and Professor Steve Morris from the Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, have been appointed adjunct professors at Indonesia’s University of Mataram.


They join their colleagues, Associate Professor Chris Anderson and Dr Janet Reid from the Institute of Agriculture and Environment, who were the first Massey University scientists to be made adjunct professors at the University of Mataram last year, acknowledging the close relationship forged between the two universities.


Massey began working with the University of Mataram on a four-year contract, partnering with Indonesian farmers and educators to build a more sustainable and successful agriculture sector, in February this year. The contract, part of the East Indonesia Innovative Farm Systems and Capability in Agribusiness Activity (IFSCA) programme, is funded by the New Zealand Government, which has contributed $4.2 million through the New Zealand Aid Programme.


The project is supporting small farmers in Lombok and Sumbawa to increase productivity and to integrate their products into higher-value supply chains. A team of field officers is working with grower and farmer groups to improve integrated cattle and cropping systems in Sumbawa, and horticultural production for the hotel trade in Lombok. A team of Massey University researchers is supporting this initiative, led by Dr Anderson, Dr Reid, Professor Heyes and Professor Morris.


Issues of animal health, water sustainability and agrichemical management are high on the agenda, Professor Heyes said. “Embedding a development programme in a university collaboration has strong potential for delivering durable solutions to poor communities, with ongoing training programmes for workers and stakeholders in the supply chain.”


He felt honoured to receive the award and was looking forward to a wider engagement with University of Mataram staff and students. Professor Heyes delivered a lecture in the Food Technology faculty at the University of Mataram, and is planning joint supervision of graduate students, who may be registered at either university.


“For most Indonesian students, English is not the normal mode of instruction. Adjunct professorships bring regular interaction with native English speakers who can assist staff and students to meet their ambitions to perform on a global stage,” he said.


Professor Morris said the award recognises the close collaboration between the two universities - vital if the IFSCA project is to be successful.


“This project is aimed at developing the corn beef cattle farm system in Dompu, on the Island of Sumbawa and in particular provide quality beef for the Indonesian market. Improved beef production will arise from the integration of Leucaena and Sesbania tree legumes into the mixed corn and cattle farm systems to improve the nutrition and welfare of cattle, especially in the dry season,” Professor Morris said.


The Massey professors were honoured at the 54th Anniversary of the Founding of the University of Mataram earlier this month and delivered addresses to the University Senate, staff and distinguished guests at the gathering.


The IFSCA project is part of Massey University Worldwide, which is aimed at developing the international education market and expanding Massey’s teaching and research activity. It works within health, humanities and social sciences, agriculture, aviation, business, emergency management, environment and veterinary medicine.


Created: 10/10/2016 | Last updated: 10/10/2016