Success Stories

May 2021 - IFSCA Project in Review
Key development outcomes for the life of the project
Mar 2021 - IFSCA transition to CeSFarms
Key visits & events have enabled each centre to operationalise their business plans
Dec 2020 - Business Development Training
To support IFSCA's transition to new centres PT BAC shared lessons & strategies of a local business
Oct 2020 - Transition Plans
Outline the transition plan to evolve these IFSCA centres to long-term sustainable units
Aug 2020 - Special Bali Beef
IFSCA co-funded an event bringing key government influencers to the table
June 2020 - KLU e-Commerce during Covid-19
Farmers in North Lombok (KLU) are marketing their product through online systems
Mar 2020 - Composting Outreach Event
IFSCA provides compost training support
Feb 2020 - Capability Workshop
Workshop with Indonesian polytechnics to discuss IFSCA's impact to NTB districts
Oct 2019 - Business Dinner
IFSCA promoted buy local product; help local farmers; grow local economy of lamtoro beef and hort
July 2019 - Beef and Horticulture Expo
IFSCA promoted the quality of IFSCA beef and horticultural products to high-value markets.
Apr 2019 - KLU Expo
IFSCA promoted KLU horticulture production and how "horticulture brings hope" to farmers
Mar 2019 - Production Schedules
IFSCA farmers are increasing their business capability from being price takers to price setters
Feb 2019 - IFSCA 2018 year in review
Key development outcomes for the 3rd year of the project
Jan 2019 - KLU Study Tour
KLU farmers gained new knowledge and skills to share with their farmer groups
Nov 2018 - Dompu Health and Safety
40 extensions agents (PPL) and IFSCA farmers receive first aid and worksafe training
Oct 2018 - Tambora NTB beef
The value chain to deliver high-quality cuts of premium Tambora steak
Sept 2018 - Trauma Healing
Participants learn trauma healing techniques
Aug 2018 - Health and Safety
Training provides participants with skills to apply first aid in the field
July 2018 - Dompu Farmers
Using IFSCA's integrated cattle/feed drylot Ayuni realises 'profits' faster
June 2018 - Horticulture Association
The Horticulture Association plays a key role linking farmers to markets
May 2018 - Farmer and Hotel Profiles
IFSCA's impact helps farmers meet the requirements and standards of the hotel

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