Success Stories

IFSCA provides compost training support
Workshop with Indonesian polytechnics to discuss IFSCA's impact to NTB districts
IFSCA promoted buy local product; help local farmers; grow local economy of lamtoro beef and hort
IFSCA promoted the quality of IFSCA beef and horticultural products to high-value markets.
IFSCA promoted KLU horticulture production and how "horticulture brings hope" to farmers
IFSCA farmers are increasing their business capability from being price takers to price setters
Key development outcomes for the 3rd year of the project
KLU farmers gained new knowledge and skills to share with their farmer groups
40 extensions agents (PPL) and IFSCA farmers receive first aid and worksafe training
The value chain to deliver high-quality cuts of premium Tambora steak
Participants learn trauma healing techniques
Training provides participants with skills to apply first aid in the field
Using IFSCA's integrated cattle/feed drylot Ayuni realises 'profits' faster
The Horticulture Association plays a key role linking farmers to markets
IFSCA's impact helps farmers meet the requirements and standards of the hotel

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